My privacy policy is pretty simple: I don’t want to know about you. It doesn’t benefit me in any way. There are no ads on this site. I don’t get nearly enough clicks to justify the effort of setting up an ad-serving account. I use Google Analytics Dashboard to count how many people read my stuff. It tells me what country you’re from, what kind of browser and operating system you’re using, etc. Nothing I can link back to you as an individual. I write a lot about Linux, so the majority of my visitors are running Linux (or using Android phones). It’s only because I’m curious, not because I plan to sell this information. If you got here from Google or Facebook, you already gave them far more information than my paltry statistics. They know everything about you. I just get a few basic stats, that’s all. I’ll even share them – once I have enough worth sharing and not embarrassing myself.

So there’s my privacy policy. You’re free to do what you want; I’m not going to track you or mine your data for nefarious purposes. Sound fair? Good.