I am Scott Harvey, CEO and Lead Innovator at Bundito Heavy Industries. Welcome to my website.

This company has been in my family for many generations. You may see me referred to by my family nicknames, “bundito”, or “Dito”. These are contractions of my birth name, and the birth name of most (but not all) of my predecessors, Bundislav Ditovsky. We are an old family, and this is an old company. It’s only through the tireless work of the BHI Legal Department that we’ve enjoyed the privacy – some may say secrecy – throughout these many decades.

Despite my many corporate projects, I have the luxury of time to devote to pet projects, such as Linux and open-source software, image analysis, fiction writing, and the composition of electronic music. I believe in the world as I see it, which is not like anyone else sees it. I can’t explain my world, but you’re welcome to visit. What you find may not always make sense, but I guarantee you, it’s real. Very, very real.