Bundito Heavy Industries was founded in 1741, in a country that no longer exists, due to shifting borders, the winds of war, and multiple international treaties. The company is currently headquartered in Chicago, with branch offices in London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, Pripyat (Ukraine), Tunguska (Russia), and Cripple Creek (Colorado).

Although technically a non-profit think-tank and consulting firm, BHI continues to report annual revenue increases. This contribution is only possible through the tireless efforts of our legendary Legal Department. Known throughout several industries, the BHI Legal Department continues to set the standard in excellence through intimidation, volume of paperwork, and a relentless pursuit of any entity that threatens The Company.

We have played roles in many pivotal events throughout history; our innovations and inventions are in your daily lives, even without your knowledge or consent. Such is the nature of our business.

Bundito Heavy Industries. Engineering The Impossible.