That’s the official count of Propaganda Tiles, according to Bowie Poag himself. These 852 were created by Bowie; someone else took over and added about 200 more. Those aren’t quite the same quality, so Bowie and I decided these 852 are canon, and the others are not. So my programming project will be focused only on these tiles, the others will be excluded.

In other words, I am in possession of the official Propaganda tiles, direct from the creator. I will brag about this.

Talking with him was like talking to the Oracle of Delphi. He gave me suggestions on how to improve my color matching, suggested some really awesome features to add to my program, and more. He’s given his full blessing to my little project, including modifying and remixing the images if I wish.

I’d love to get this polished to the point that I could get it included as an official KDE product, to be included with each new release of the KDE or Plasma versions. I’m a long way from that, but it’s a good goal.

Stay tuned!


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