To my millions of devoted readers, I apologize for the recent downtime.

From time to time, the script kiddies decide it’s a good time to try breaking into any WordPress sites they can find. This is one of them. Thankfully, my hosting service, (blatant plug), is clever enough to detect these incoming attacks and preemptively disable the blogs under siege. When the kiddies get bored and the flood of requests ends, I need to log in and reset the system.

Except sometimes I forget. I’ve got a few issues.

Speaking of issues, one of my doctors changed one of my medications and few weeks ago. My sleep got terribly disrupted, my logic circuits got drowned out by static, and I spent the last few weeks being unproductive.

I slept about 10 hours last night and maybe even more the previous night. I’m finally feeling semi-productive and ready to work and contribute again. Before 7:30 this morning, I finished an outstanding KDE patch and hope it will be approved. I’d like to commit it to the master code and get it off my plate.

I’ll have some more details on how I’ve spent my time in the next post.

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