I’m writing this from a hotel room in Stockholm. We’re on a break from life in the States, visiting chilly but pleasant Scandinavia. Yesterday was a 5-hour train ride from Copenhagen, via the ├śresund Bridge, as I first saw it in the Danish/Swedish crime series “The Bridge” (“Bron/Broen“).

There wasn’t much to see except snowy, wintry Swedish farmland, so I spent most of the journey shopping for a KDE laptop. Unfortunately, I had to settle for doing so over 3G; the train’s expected free WiFi wasn’t working. It matched a mixup with our seat reservations, which resulted in a few polite expressions of discontent from a few otherwise friendly Swedes.

I think I’ve settled on the Acer Aspire E15. It’s got a full keyboard (with keypad) and a proper IPS 1920×1080 full HD screen. It’s only got 8GB of RAM, but the processor is a quad-core eighth-gen i5. It’s got a 256GB SSD and room to expand. I think this will work for my first dedicated Linux laptop.

I asked for buying advice on Reddit, which led me to re-reading an earlier question I’d posed about how to get started participating with KDE.

The answer I got was thorough and comprehensive:

I now recognize the username as the same senior KDE contributor I’ve asked to mentor me as I learn. I’m following Nate’s method as best I can. Starting out small and making small fixes as I find them.

I’ll spell out the details of how this has been working in future posts. Now it’s time to go sightseeing.

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