Patching Plasma’s file manager

My latest patch for KDE was purely cosmetic, but it was to a key component: the system file manager, known as Dolphin. A user reported that, when increasing the system font size, the icons would lose their horizontal centering. It’s not a huge deal, but KDE takes a lot of pride in producing a professional […]

Praise The Blue Steel

Updated this page’s header image with something a little less monotone. Of course, it’s a Propaganda tile, called Praise-The-Blue-Steel-1. I ran it through GIMP to wash out the colors a little and tile it to the appropriate size. The original is on the left. I’ve had some partial success with my project to write an […]

Fig. 5

From the days when cool and unusual things were drawn by hand, I present you with Fig. 5: It’s part of a patent for the use of the HSL color space in computer graphics terminals. You don’t have to understand it. Just look at it. It’s spectacular.  


Wrong Mycroft. The right Mycroft is an open-source AI speech-enabled personal assistant. That’s a mouthful, but it’s synonymous with one more familiar word: Alexa. Or maybe you prefer Siri. Or Cortana. Or Hey Google, even though that’s two words. It’s an ambitious project, going up against giants like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. But like […]

Propaganda: Processing Begins

The Image Processing Division of Bundito Heavy Industries reports success in analyzing the first batch of Propaganda tiles. Terminal output attached as proof of life. UPDATE (19:03) I’ve crunched through all 19 (or is it 18.5?) volumes of the Propaganda tiles and stored all the color information in a SQLite database. I’ve got the three […]

Acer Aspire E15

With my interest in Linux growing, I decided it was time to get a machine dedicated to running KDE directly. I already had my machine in the basement, which I connected to using NoMachine. It’s an excellent (free!) product if you want to remotely control another computer. I was able to run a reasonably-high quality […]

The Propaganda Tiles, Math Edition

UIn the previous entry in the Propaganda Tiles series, I wrote about the history of the tiles, and my plans to sort them by color. It turns out this requires a dramatic amount of mathematics, almost all of which are miles above my head. The primary field that works on this kind of image processing […]

The Propaganda Tiles

This is a Propaganda tile. It’s one of about 1,000 different square images that can be tiled edge-to-edge for a seamless effect. They make great desktop wallpaper. They were created around 2001 by a Linux advocate named Bowie J. Poag. He wanted to prove the point that a Linux desktop could be every bit as […]


Spectacle is KDE’s program for taking screenshots. I’d been pointed to its list of “junior jobs” – open bugs that should be fixable by new, aspiring, still-learning, wannabe contributors. I chose one that sounded interesting and within my ability to fix. It involved adding a command to prevent the display of a popup window that […]

Triaging Leads To Fixing

As that more-senior KDE contributor wrote on Reddit, keep looking through the bug reports. Maybe you’ll find one you can fix. I spent some time going through the day’s bug reports, trying to confirm or replicate the reported error. I ran across a number of interesting problems. Some I could recreate, others I couldn’t. At […]